BRAIN Group Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Jennifer Britton

Jennifer C. Britton, Ph.D.

Dr. Jennifer Britton directs the BRAIN Group at the University of Miami. She is an Associate Professor in the Child Division of the Department of Psychology. She completed her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Michigan in 2005, and has conducted neuroimaging research at Massachusetts General Hospital, McLean Hospital, and the National Institute of Mental Health.

Dr. Britton's research focuses on understanding the intersection between anxiety, development and treatment.  See the "Research" tab for more information about Dr. Britton's ongoing projects. 


Graduate Students

Evan BurdetteEvan T. Burdette, B.A., '23 

Evan is a graduate student in the Child Clinical program. Evan's interests revolve around studying the neurodevelopmental origins of maladaptive responses to positive and negative emotions such as rumination and dampening of positive affect among adolescents. Currently, he's interested in studying individual differences in processing of neutral vs. affective stimuli. Particularly of interest is learning whether those with a tendency to ruminate or dampen positive affect exhibit perturbations when suppressing affective social stimuli (e.g. happy or sad faces) compared to neutral stimuli as measured by more typical indices of cognitive control. Asking these questions through the lens of developmental cognitive neuroscience, Evan seeks to use a multi-modal approach to studying these topics, incorporating behavioral and fMRI paradigms in his research. Outside of the lab, Evan enjoys spending time at the beach, reading, and drinking craft beer.

Travis EvansTravis C. Evans, M.S.'19

Travis is an adult clinical psychology doctoral student. Broadly, he is interested in understanding how implicit processes (e.g. automatic attention deployment) and explicit processes (e.g. effortful decision-making) interactively contribute to reward and threat processing across anxiety disorders. For his master's thesis, he examined how the time-course of physiological threat responses is disrupted in social anxiety. His dissertation aims to characterize the neural circuitry underlying implicit approach and avoidance responses to social cues and how this circuitry contributes to social behaviors in daily life. When he's not revolutionizing the field or saving lives, he enjoys spending time on the beach with his wife and long walks with his faithful canine companion.

 Stephanie Novotony, M.A., '24 (arriving Fall 2019)


Research Coordinator

Beatriz YepesBeatriz Yepes, B.A.

Beatriz Yepes graduated from Clark University in 2017 with a B.A. in Psychology. She is primarily interested in how society and culture influence identity development, as well as the role of anxiety in the context of immigration. She plans to earn a PhD in Social Psychology, so that she can continue working in research, scientific communication, and education. She is passionate about learning and sharing new information to people. When she is not in the lab she enjoys doing and teaching Pilates, reading, and spending time with her family.


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Caitlin (Katie) Dowell-Esquivel ‘21 Katie Dowell-Esquivel

Katie is majoring in Neuroscience. She enjoys volunteering at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and at Sunset Elementary. On campus, she is a writer for Scientifica Magazine, a mentor for Big Brother, Big Sister, and the President of Sugarcanes supporting University of Miami’s baseball team. Katie loves to work out, spend time at the beach with friends, visit family, and travel.

Sabine Katsoulos ‘21 Sabine Katsoulos

Sabine is majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Chemistry on the Pre-Med Track. On campus she is involved in Love Your Melon and in her free time enjoys reading and spending time with her friends.  


Jaclyn FosterJaclyn Foster '21

Jaclyn is a Neuroscience major on the Pre-Med track and minoring in Chemistry and Spanish. I plan to attend medical school after I graduate. I am part of the new women's club basketball team and I was part of First Year U my freshman year. I enjoy working out, cooking, boating, and hanging out with friends in my free time.‌

Emily PowellEmily Powell '20

Emily is majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She is extremely passionate about becoming a therapist for those suffering from mental illness. Emily is the Vice President of Programming for her sorority, involved in the President's 100 Organization, started her own club to give support to those with eating disorders, and writes for The Odyssey. In her free time, Emily loves to dance, write, travel, and spend time with her friends. 

 Siriveena NandamSiriveena Nandam ‘20

Siriveena is majoring in Psychology with minors in Biology, Philosophy, and Mathematics. She hopes to one day attend graduate school for Clinical Psychology and obtain a PhD. In her free time, she enjoys reading, making art, and traveling.